Dear Policy Holders Thank you for choosing IME Life for Insurance. We understand your apprehension regarding the safety of your investment. We assure that you are at safe in hands. The points below will help you for hassle free premium payment and claim settlement. Please consider them for your own handiness.

We strongly recommend you for timely premium payment. It yields higher bonuses. In case the policy is lapsed, reviving it, can be very burdensome with added costs and extra medical requirements.

Premium payment made “yearly” are best recommended which entitles you for higher discount rates and easy reminders- at the same time every year.

Change of mode of payment is also possible. However, lower frequency yields you smaller returns, as aforementioned.

Payment of premium can be made via cash or cheque within the provided grace period.

Premium can also be paid at IME Centers across the country.
Policy number should not be mistaken at any cost if the payment is being made through banks.

To be on the safe side, kindly keep the deposit voucher with yourself for future reference.

In case of the policy resulting into claim by death, please inform the nearest IME Life office along with the Original Policy document. They will guide you to hassle free claims as far as possible.

It is advised to keep the original policy document safe. Producing a duplicate copy during claims will be time consuming and cumbersome.

While assigning nominees for your policy consider your nearest kin. This is required to keep your nomination valid. Also, we advise you to change your nominees only at obligatory cases.

For convenient accessibility and communication it is advised to let IME officials know about any variation in your contact number and address.

Why IME Life Insurance?
IME Life Insurance within a very short span of time has established more than 100 branches all across Nepal running in full operation. We strictly follow a uniform code of principle to work. With our strong and reliable network of branches we are ready to deal with customers from every nook and corner of Nepal.

IME Group has an unrivalled strength – a wide reach with IME Group offices in Nepal and 6000+ IME Centers and local agents. IME Life is all set to conquer and establish a strong client base via agency, corporate agency, banca assurance and direct channels whom we call- Our Strategic Partners.

Our company is focusing on providing qualitative services of International Standard. Likewise our company uses information technology to enhance service provided to clients’. Our Company has strong IT infrastructure. All Branches of IME Life has been connected through wide area networking to provide safe, secured and fast customer service.

Document execution and submission are the most important aspect in terms of any insurance claim. Our customer service team are always ready to help you during the policy issuance and also after the policy sales. We provide diligent underwriting service for early and maximum claim settlement.