IME Aajeevan Sawadhik Beema Yojana

IME Endowment cum Whole Life Plan

IME Endowment Cum Whole Life Plan (IME Aajeevan Sawadhik Beema Yojana)

IME Endowment cum Whole life plan is unique combination of whole life and endowment assurance plan. This plan guarantees lifetime protection and caters as an estate planning vehicle. Even after the premium paying term, the coverage will continue until the insured attain an age of 100 years. It is an ideal way of creating an asset while also protecting your family against financial loss in case of any eventuality.

Key Features
Additional Rider Benefits (Optional Riders)

*Terms and conditions apply.

The benefits and coverage provided under this plan are determined by the terms and conditions outlined in the policy and rider documents. In the event of any dispute arising under this policy, resolution will be in accordance with the provisions of the Insurance Act of 2079.

First Policy Issue Date: 2017-10-17

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