IME Dhanbardhan

IME Money Back Plan

IME Dhanbardan Money Back Plan

This plan is ideal for people who desire to have periodic payouts to meet financial needs at different stages of life. Under this plan, a certain percentage of the sum assured is returned to the insured periodically every 5 years while maintaining the risk coverage of the full sum assured. It helps to manage cash flow needs.

Key Features

Sum Assured will be returned to Policy holder in following intervals:

Paying Term
Benefit as a percentage of Sum Assured on Survival to (Years from Doc)
15 Years30% SA20% SA50% SA + Vested Bonus
20 Years20% SA20% SA

20% SA

40% SA + Vested Bonus
25 Years20% SA20% SA20% SA40% SA + Vested Bonus
Additional Rider Benefits (Optional Riders)

*Terms and conditions apply.

The benefits and coverage provided under this plan are determined by the terms and conditions outlined in the policy and rider documents. In the event of any dispute arising under this policy, resolution will be in accordance with the provisions of the Insurance Act of 2079.

First Policy Issue Date: 2017-11-05

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